Kai Ika Expands their Distribution Channels

The Kai Ika Project is proud to announce Hope Worldwide-Pakistan has joined the directory of kaimoana recipients. Every Wednesday between 12pm-2pm kaimoana will be available from the Hope Worldwide distribution facility in West Auckland. About Hope Worldwide-PakistanHOPE is a faith-based Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication, Incorporated under Charitable Trust Act 1957 and a Registered CharityContinue reading “Kai Ika Expands their Distribution Channels”

Baked Fish Head

Recipe by: Matt Watson – ITM Fishing Show

Matt Watson is a long-time LegaSea, Kai Ika and Free Fish Head ambassador. He loves sharing his philosophies around maximum utilisation. Here’s how Matt likes to enjoy his fish heads:

“I’m a fish head eater, and so are my kids. We love that succulent meat hidden in the head, and it’s not hard to…..

Conservation Through Utilization with Dallas Abel of the Kai Ika Project

Aquademia: The Seafood and Sustainability Podcast In previous episodes, we’ve discussed various uses of discarded fish parts, from grinding into fish meal to utilizing it as fertilizer, but sometimes there’s a simpler solution: eat it! There’s a lot of food in those fish heads and frames, and some populations consider the heads a delicacy. TheContinue reading “Conservation Through Utilization with Dallas Abel of the Kai Ika Project”

Diverse values of surplus for a community economy of fish(eries)

Abstract: This paper develops a diverse economies account offish ‘waste’ that revalues it as ‘surplus’. We examine ‘Kai Ika’, a community marine conservation experiment in Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), Aotearoa New Zealand. Kai Ika rescues fish heads, frames and offal that were previously ‘going to waste’ and redistributesthem tofish eaters who would otherwise struggle to accessContinue reading “Diverse values of surplus for a community economy of fish(eries)”

Kai Ika Smoked Fish Pie

Recipe by: Janet Macindoe

Turning your fish heads, wings and frames into Smoked Fish Pie is a great way to make the treasure go a long way, thus allowing for sharing with family and friends. Whilst this takes quite a bit of work, the end result more than justifies the effort. It is good value, really nourishing and above all…..