Kai Ika Expands their Distribution Channels

The Kai Ika Project is proud to announce Hope Worldwide-Pakistan has joined the directory of kaimoana recipients.

Every Wednesday between 12pm-2pm kaimoana will be available from the Hope Worldwide distribution facility in West Auckland.

About Hope Worldwide-Pakistan
HOPE is a faith-based Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication, Incorporated under Charitable Trust Act 1957 and a Registered Charity under Charities Act 2005 in New Zealand. HOPE is a non-governmental and not-for-profit charitable organization formed by a group of committed people those are very keen to bring to change and improve people’s lives by providing ample opportunities and resources.

The organization works to empower the marginalized and deprived communities enabling them to fight for their rights and support them through providing opportunities, advocacy and empowering to become effective part of the society. HOPE has striven to help communities to realize their best potential by providing economic, social ,moral and financial assistance.