He kai te rongoā, he rongoā te kai.

Food is medicine and medicine is food

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The Outboard Boating Club of Auckland and the Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae has teamed up with LegaSea and the NZ Sport Fishing Council to develop The Kai Ika Project.

The Kai Ika Project utilises fish heads, frames and offal which were previously going to waste. Since September 2016 previously discarded fish parts have been collected and redistributed to families and community groups in South Auckland who value these fish parts and enjoy their sweet flesh.

In 2022, due to its popularity, and one particularly motivated man named Chris Jupp we established a satellite project in Wellington and are sharing kaimoana with the Porirua, Strathmore and Naenae communities.

Kai Ika Wellington

Kai Ika is now in Wellington!

Get your fish filleted

We offer filleting services at the Outboard Boating Club, Westhaven and for events.

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We are always in need of more support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to minimise our impact on the marine environment through better utilisation of our natural resources. We encourage giving respect to each and every fish harvested and ensure no part of the fish is wasted.

When we strip everything back to the bare necessity food insecurity is an environmental issue.

We aim to connect New Zealanders and encourage collaboration with outside communities through the appreciation of all parts of kai moana. We hope to adjust people’s perceptions that fish heads are actually a revered food source.

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