The Kai Ika Project is a non-profit educational initiative that brings communities together to share unwanted fish parts, to reduce waste and conserve fish for future generations.

We want to encourage the use of the whole fish. We hope to empower home chefs to prepare less familiar secondary cuts and demonstrate a variety of recipes to cater for a range of skill levels. 

  • Snapper Head Terrine
    This recipe is for the days you get the elusive full bin!A full bin is a lot of fish, when you start looking at the fullContinue reading “Snapper Head Terrine”
  • Stuffed whole Snapper with sautéed veg
    Recipe by: Joel Hodgson – Natures Kai

    While fish can be grilled on BBQ’s, the oven works well too if you happen to strike a wet day but the festivities must go on. If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, cooking over hot coals produces a taste sensation, especially if the fish has…….
  • Baked Fish Head
    Recipe by: Matt Watson – ITM Fishing Show

    Matt Watson is a long-time LegaSea, Kai Ika and Free Fish Head ambassador. He loves sharing his philosophies around maximum utilisation. Here’s how Matt likes to enjoy his fish heads: “I’m a fish head eater, and so are my kids. We love that succulent meat hidden in the head, and it’s not hard to…..
  • Kai Ika Smoked Fish Pie
    Recipe by: Janet Macindoe

    Turning your fish heads, wings and frames into Smoked Fish Pie is a great way to make the treasure go a long way, thus allowing for sharing with family and friends. Whilst this takes quite a bit of work, the end result more than justifies the effort. It is good value, really nourishing and above all…..
  • Trevally Frame Tartare
    Recipe by: Tim Nightingale – X_kilometres

    Fish frames are often referred to as ‘waste’. Removing as much of the fillet as possible is the goal for many and whatever’s left over is a mere afterthought. They are a treasure lost as they get tossed overboard or end up…..
  • Fish stock
    Recipe by: Dallas Abel

    Just like all marine ecosystems rely on a productive seafloor, many recipes rely on a flavourful base stock. This high-octane fish stock can be used as a platform to create a variety of delicious dishes.