WWPD? What would Papatūānuku do?

Viv sat down for a kōrero with Dallas Abel, the Project Coordinator for the Kai Ika project, to talk about their kaupapa and role in moving towards a sustainable future.

When you see fish in the supermarket it may seem perfectly normal to look down and just see fillets. Looking down at these two little rectangles, it’s easy to forget the actual animal they came from. One with a head, eyes, spine, wings, and a tail.

However, these fillets only make up around 35% of the fish. Because most Kiwis only eat the fillet, the remaining 65% will end up in landfill. The Kai Ika Project aims to change this by making the most out of this 65%. The project is a collaboration between LegaSea, the Outboard Boating Club of Auckland, and Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae.

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